A Booster Shot For Careers

A transformational finishing school, in Bangalore, Karnataka that mentors and helps graduate job seekers land that first elusive job.

Brand Naming and Visual Identity

We coined a self-explanatory, easy to pronounce and recall name that is very fresh and minty cool in the education/finishing school category. The name indicates that it’s all the supplements you need to land the first job and kickstart your career.

The visual identity cleverly cues the fact that graduates employment options were now wide open. The muted colour combinations were apt for the mentoring and upskilling category.

The Office is the Advertisement

When you don’t have big budgets and big screaming mediums what do you do?

You use the most accessible medium and turn it into the biggest canvas for brand communication. Yes, we used the office interior walls including the exterior parapet signage to sum up the transformational philosophy and spirit of the brand.

Creative Challenge

A shoestring, budget and an office layout that is boxy yet open format at the same time.

We couldn’t afford fancy wall mural artists or painters/cans of paints, so we relied on our illustration/graphic design/copywriting skills to weave magic and inspire the audience in a vibrant, seamless and engaging manner.

We used office walls to inspire students and staff with varied illustrated images. It clearly interwove the key brand benefit messages that motivated, inspired, excited students and staff to turn up every day with a will to excel.

The classrooms were limited to typographical posters that touched on essential soft skills that would help land the first job and build a successful career. This non-intrusive technique was adopted to avoid cluttering the classrooms with too much colour and dominating imagery. This acted as a subtle reminder of the key skills required to be successful at work.
Design Sense

The visual tone stuck to mostly minimalistic varied techniques of illustration with soothing colour palettes. The copy showcased carefully strung together headlines that appealed to a mix of graduates with varying proficiency.

The end result, a warm, inviting, transformational learning environment that acted as a springboard to help launch students career with much needed essential skills and confidence. The vibrant mood also doubled up as an inspiring, fun work climate for employees and faculty.
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