Tender Coconuts

Reimagined Like Never Before

Refreshing Packaging Challenge

Completely dehusked pristine Pollachi Tender Coconuts, slotted
with an innovative pull-ring, that will be refrigerated/stored in
IoT vending machines and consumed chilled.

Custom Box
Designs for
IoT Vending

Make the drink attractive
and relevant to a wider,
age-neutral audience

Clearly establish the Pollachi
To slot tender coconuts based
on their size and water
content inside

To cold storage, dispense and
educate consumers on how to
open the pull-ring and

Design Approach
Opted for a refreshing tapered box
shape that occupied less shelf space
and vending friendly

Cued breezy, tropical mood with tender
coconut groves, summer freshness,
pristine water, vibrant colour coding
that is universal in appeal

Emphasised Geographical Pedigree

Reiterated it is 100% Natural

Underlined Championing
Farmers’ Rights
Highlighted pull-ring usage and
storage temperature guidelines

Boxes for last mile delivery and delight experience

Tender Springz

A vibrant sleeve that highlighted abundance of Tender Coconut water and the associated virtues

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