Karani spices

Karani Spices has been serving the Warangal market and is the category leader in Telangana, South India. Their fine grade spices have been a household name for decades.

Recently, we were entrusted with the task of designing and launching their bulk consumption 5 kg packs for coarse Chilli powder (Kutti Mirch) range in North India.

North India is synonymous with rugged terrains and communities renowned for bravery. We decided to marry turbans and Chillies cleverly doubling up as moustaches, in refreshing clear pastel backgrounds. This also helped bring out the characteristic of the coarse Chilli powder.

We also redesigned their core range of six spices and gave it a very contemporary visual imagery.
Right from the art directed photo shoots to pack graphic design, we ensured that we gave it a refreshing spin and much needed category newness.

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