When Cothas decided to foray into the cold beverage space. They wanted to reach out to a younger TG with highly appealing, authentic, milkshakes and cold coffee range.

Brand Cothas was firmly entrenched in the minds of filter coffee drinking homemakers and families in Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu.

Here the challenge was to do a handshake exercise and befriend a more dynamic range of younger millennials and Gen Z. Plus gain their seal of approval and build patronage. Besides, it had to compete with existing brands, clearly differentiate itself and dominate modern retail shelf space.


For the milkshakes, we settled on a playful, young at heart colour palette and design language. Irreverent splashes overtly captured the mood of the milk, and associated natural flavour profiles. This helped reinforce its image as an uber cool drink.


The cold coffee packaging catered to a slightly young adult and upwards TG, where the USP of pure coffee extracts were interpreted as geometrically modified droplets that gave it a solid, honest, polished yet young in appeal feel.
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