Converse, Socialise, Play, Eat and Hangout in Real-time

Convo C20 Café in Adyar, Chennai is a social experiment and a leisurely café rolled into one. It has successfully conceptualised, pioneered and created a gadgetry free world that transports you to the roots of socialising.

The café cleverly discourages patrons from using gadgetry of all sorts. It encourages people to spend quality time with dear ones while bonding over irresistible beverages, lip smacking continental menu, board games and indoor sports.

The task in front of us was to capture the philosophy of the café and dissuade patrons who firmly believe that gadgetry helps us to stay connected. Also engagingly drive home the point to avoid reliance and use of gadgetry while inside the café.

Right from the speech bubble logo personality, witty environmental wall branding, to quirky names on the menu, we used good old fashioned design to capture the spirit of the café and helped people rediscover the sheer joy of personal, cosy, one-on-one conversations over good food and beverages.
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