Ampsons Spirits (France)
Yogi Wine

Yogi is an organic French Wine that is served in upmarket Indian restaurants in France. It is produced by a natural process without the use of pesticides and harmful treatment in vinification.

The Rose Wine packaging has floral elements and the Red Wine has ancient Indian languages like Sanskrit and Tamil in the label’s background. This helped create an instant distinct look on retail shelves.

YN (pronounced as “wine”) is a 4-variant Vintage Wine range (Muscat Moelleux, YN Grand Reserve Rouge, YN Grand Reserve Blanc and YN Grand Reserve Rosé). It is bottled in France from pedigree vineyards, made its foray into Indian markets and is being retailed in restobars, pubs, star hotels and high-end government sponsored liquor stores. YN’s focus is to provide an exceptional, entry level, affordable French wine that will be a revelation to the beginner wine indulger in India.

YN is a Monocepage Wine made from only one specific grape variety. We wanted our design to bring out the Wine’s core personality - the characteristic of being unique. To achieve this, we borrowed vintage cues like intricate fine detailing and floral motifs, and incorporated them in the design. Metallic embellishments in the form of Gold and Silver helped articulate the personality for the Rose and White Wine variants.
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